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Rhodesian/Zimbabwean born Author releases First Book - Storm Clouds Over Africa.

Storm Clouds Over Africa is set in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, the story is of two boys, one a descendant of the proud ruling house of the Matabele, and the other, the son of a white settler, a pioneer.

They grow up in paradise on a farm in the rugged Matopos area of Matabeleland. Their friendship develops and they declare themselves blood brothers, vowing that nothing would ever separate them.

Their friendship is molten and forged in the crucible of innocence, but as time passes, the stones of prejudice and politics wear down their vow. One friend joins the freedom fighters, and the other enlists in the Rhodesian security forces. They are blood brothers no more.

This is a story of Africa, a passionate story of survival, hatred and love seen through the eyes of both freedom fighter and white settler.

There can be many types of storms, some physical, others arising from raw passions of betrayal, divided loyalties and prejudice. Then there is that most violent of all storms, that spreads like a dreadful disease and engulfs an entire country. It is a conflict that stems from the soul of two people who lay claim to a piece of land they both call home.

The time spans early colonial days to the present land distribution issue and beyond. The book offers hope for the future presenting a bright ray of sun shining through stormy skies.

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About the Author.

Douglas Cunningham was born in Umtali (Mutare), Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) in 1943. In his early years, Doug spent much of his time hunting and exploring the wide open spaces of the African bushveld.

Raised in a relatively poor family, he started hunting elephant at 16 years old and selling ivory from 18. Although now a passionate conservationist, he has a wealth of stories to share, some of which have made their way into this book. This is his first book.

Doug is available to speak at various functions. Click Here for his contact details or email him directly.

Below are a few comments from those who have already read the first edition of which a limited edition of only 50 were printed:

"Uncle Doug (as he is fondly referred to) wrote this book by hand at a little table in our car park, whilst keeping an eye over his staff, who are contracted to clean our rental vehicles. I used to arrive in the morning and there he was with a friendly smile and a wave. Uncle Doug used to talk about his book and we dream of him one day becoming a world renown author. Well Mr Douglas Cunningham has realised his dream. By sharing his experiences of the liberation of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) through the eyes of the normal people. He has given us an insight we may never have had the honour to find. What I found amazing was the lessons hidden in the pages about the inner strength of the ordinary man and woman. Their hopes and fears and most importantly the determination of the human spirit. This is a must read and a story I want to share with everyone, not only because for the first time in my life I am able to discuss a book with the author, but also because the man behind the words has so much to offer. I have already ordered a copy of the sequel."
- Renette Van Der Merwe

"This book is for any child of Africa. A time in history is portrayed with brutal yet gentle truth. Resist the temptation to speed read to find out what happens and savour a journey well worth taking. I can't wait for the sequel...!!!" - Candis Warren Beardall

"Wow, What a riveting read thoroughly enjoyed the book would recommend it to anyone who hasn't read it yet to read it, am looking forward to the second edition I hope there is one. I couldn't put the book down and when I did I couldn't wait to pick it up again....wow what a great and exciting book." - Paula Hall

"What an amazing book...I haven't read anything like it before...and haven't been able to put it down!!! Definitely a worth while read.... In fact a MUST READ!!!"
- Sylvia Peattie Reed